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What are our Fleet Management Services?

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Oregon Fleet

Oregon Fleet

Oregon is here with a brand new vehicle tracking experience. Manage your fleet in the most efficient way with "Oregon Fleet" fleet management software. With the "Oregon Fleet";
- Instant location information
CANBUS data such as Fuel, Engine Speed, Distance to Service,
- Instant temperature data of your refrigerated trailer,
-You can access TACHOGRAPH data such as daily, weekly remaining driving times of your driver, odometer,
- You can download tachograph data remotely (DDD.), You can give an automatic download order for this data. For the notification of your data, you can upload files with the automatic file submission system.
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Instant Tracking


Tachograph Data

Remote Tacho Download

Instant Temprature Tracking

Reports and Alarms

Our services

Route Tracking

Route Tracking

Monitoring Fuel-Speed-Axle Weight Along Route

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Driver Behavior Detailed Analysis

Remote Tacograph Data Download

Remote Tacograph Data Download

Automatic Data Download Instruction

Automatic Data Uploading Instruction (FTP)